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A Complete Legal Costs Recovery Service for Claimant Lawyers

Our aim is to make the recovery of costs as painless for you as possible by removing the burden of the whole process from your fee earners. From bill preparation through to collection, our Costs Draftsman do it all leaving your fee earners to concentrate on their live files.

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A detailed bill of costs is prepared for you by our experienced costs draftsman. A procedure is agreed with you including timescales for all stages. Through our sophisticated case mangement system (Proclaim from Eclipse Legal Systems) we ensure that all agreed deadlines are met, ensuring we provide you with the service you have asked for.

As solicitors we go on record as acting as your agent and deal with the issuing and service of all proceedings and documents so that you do not need to.

We do not charge you for either negotiation or for chasing for payment. This is a complimentary service to you. We limit our fees to those that we can recover from the paying party in addition to your own fees so that our service costs you nothing at all.

But that is not all. Where you are acting for your client on a CFA, you will earn success fees on all the work our costs draftsmen do for doing nothing. So not only do you pay nothing for our service, we will pay you for using us! This alone will significantly improve your bottom line. Can you afford not to try this unique service yourself to see the significant improvements it can bring to your bottom line?

You will obtain control over your firm. You can monitor all cases through this website using our costs case tracker program. Reports can be produced at agreed intervals confirming the status of all cases. We can also produce bespoke reports by firm, by fee earner or department to enable you to monitor the performance of your firm. These can include average costs per case, average length of time taken by the firm, fee earner or by work type. Do you know how long it takes your fee earners to get from one stage to another in the process? Do you know why some take longer than others? We will agree with you in advance what information you want to see and when you want to see it. This will help you understand what is happening within your firm , and identify areas of weakness for you to concentrate on to assist in reducing timescales, and thus improve cash flow.

We have no minimum requirement for you to use our service. Nor do you have to use us exclusively. We recognise that not all firms will want to put all their eggs in one basket. But we are confident that once you see firsthand the benefits of using our service you may well want to do so.

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