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Earn success fees on the legal costs work we do

As we are acting as your agent, where you are acting under a success CFA we can recover success fees on the work we do.

To demonstrate how beneficial this can be let's consider an example. Let's say that you send us 10 low value CFA funded accidents at work claims a month that settled without proceedings being issued. We spend two hours per case preparing the bill at grade C rate. Our fee would be £302.00. You would receive a 25% success fee of £75.50, an extra £775.00 per month.

If Part 8 proceedings are issued on 50% of these cases and then settled shortly afterwards, we are likely to recover around £250.00 Part 8 base costs, plus a success fee of £62.50 taking the level of success fees for files that month up to £1067.50. If this was replicated over a 12 month period, the success fees earned by you over the year would be £12810.00 for doing absolutely nothing.

Remember that our bill preparation time will increase on the higher value claims, which will increase your success fee. On issued cases replies will often be required. Both of these factors will increase the success fee earned on these cases taking the annual figure even higher.

Are you missing out on success fees? You do not need to.

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