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Release your fee earners to concentrate on their live files

If costs are left to your own fee earners they will inevitably give priority to their current files, which slows down costs recovery quite often with significant delays.

Picture the scene. A file is with your costs draftsman who will let you negotiate. After two months of trying to get a reasonable settlement they give up and return to the fee earner asking them to issue Part 8 proceedings. This arrives in your busy fee earners post along with notification of a trial date, two part 36 offers and three medical reports. Which of these will your busy fee earner give priority to? It is unlikely to be issuing Part 8 cost only proceedings. This will be well down the list of priorities, and quite rightly so. Whilst this is the good news for your clients it is bad news for your cash flow and your bottom line.

You have probably invested a lot of time and money in training your staff to be specialist personal injury fee earners. Leave them to do what they do best. Costs recovers is a specialist area. The busy practitioner cannot be expected to be an expert in costs any more.

Allow us to remove this burden. This will ensure those Part 8 proceedings are issued without delay, as we make it a priority.

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