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Improve cash flow by maximising costs and turnaround times

If costs recovery is left to your fee earners they will inevitably give prioroty to their current files, which slows down the process quite often with significant delays. As you will not get paid until the end of a case, and often have to fund the cases yourselves, any delay can have a significant effect on cash flow.

Through the use of Proclaim our case management system we have developed a swift procedure that sees us negotiate alongside pushing on for the earliest possible hearing dates on those limited number of cases where settlement has not been possible.

We will always prepare a bill for you. This alone can help to improve the sum recovered. Firms relying on producing a brief schedule will get lower offers, as the schedules provide no detail making it harder to justify why the costs were incurred.

As experts in our field we know the case law and arguments to beat many of the arguments raised by insurers. The busy practitioner may not, and as a result often under settle.

Our policy of pushing ahead to the earliest possible hearing results in putting the Defendant's on the back foot. This helps to get higher offers, as there is a risk to the Defendant of having to pay their own solicitors as well if it isn't settled. If there are no proceedings and no hearing looming, then insurers can call the Claimant's bluff and make a lower offer to settle if the Claimant is prepared to reject and start the procedure from scratch. Many will not and simply accept the lower offer. We have the expertise to respond to detailed points of dispute. Most Fee Earners will not. They may therefore concede to points they do not have to concede.

All in all our procedures and specialist knowledge will result in increased costs, and reduced timescales. Don't forget you will also earn success fees on the work we do.

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